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High-Converting Leads for Your Business

Leads that are yours, and yours alone.

Our marketing services are unlike anything else you’ve come across before. We only charge you for the leads we provide, if you’re not happy with our services you can cancel at any time. 

No retainers, no commitments.

This system works to get you highly-qualified leads in real-time. These leads are generated for you and you alone so they’re completely exclusive and won’t be shared with anyone else.

What makes us different

We Provide exclusive high-quality leads

We’re different from other online marketing companies because we’re not here to lock you into a long-term contract, and we don’t change a retainer. Our unique approach is based on pay-for-performance marketing. 

What does this mean?

  • You get exclusive leads that aren’t shared with anyone else
  • We don’t have a minimum contract term so you can stop anytime
  • There’s no retainer, you just pay for leads 

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Do You Fit?

SalesMarketeers works with companies across the United States and beyond. Our clients are reputable businesses with a demonstrated track record of offering excellent quality services, and high levels of customer support.

The companies we work with have, on average, been in business for at least two years, with annual revenue of at least $500,000+. Whatever local business you’re in, give us a call.

#1 High-Quality,
Qualified Leads

Get high-quality leads from customers currently looking for your services that are proven to convert at a higher rate.

#2 You Get
Exclusive Leads

We only work with one partner per city so our leads are provided on a 100% exclusive basis.

#3 Access to
Real-Time Leads

Calls and emails go directly to you. Leads are delivered in real-time to provide the greatest advantage for converting leads into sales.

#4 Your Own
Branded Leads

Each lead generation engine is customised to your name and brand so prospects know exactly who you are when they talk to you.

Custom Lead Generation

4 Reasons to Use us

If you’re sick and tired of paying for shared leads, or can’t face the thought of chasing down new business, there’s a better way to get leads that convert.

Sales Marketeers is a custom Lead Generation Engine that delivers leads that are:

Qualified. Exclusive. Real-Time. Branded.

A Pay-Per-Lead Service That Delivers

Answer Calls & Close Sales.

How It Works

You are only charged for leads that we send through, and if you're not happy with the service, you can cancel at any time.

Pay Per Lead

You only pay for valid leads that you receive. So it's easy to work out your marketing ROI.

Our Difference

We're not the biggest, but we get real results. W'll find you leads so you can focus on closing the deal.

Lead Prices

Our understanding of the market means that we'll do our best to offer the right lead price.

Lead Tracking

The leads we send through are updated in real-time so you know your numbers and can calculate your return.

No Commitments

There's no long-term contract when you choose SalesMarketeers. You can cancel any time if you're not happy with our services.

Are You Qualified

We want to make sure our services are what you need. So we try to understand if we'll be a good match early on in the process.

How we measure up

Access our Experience

People come to you for your services because they know that you can get the job done. Yes, with a bit of research and investment they could probably do it themselves.

But you’re the pro.

You’re the one with years of experience, and the right skills and tools. Your services are more efficient, more effective, and probably more cost-effective.

Imagine a lawyer who tells advises you to represent yourself? Sounds ridiculous right?

Or a doctor who tells you to self-diagnose, rather than coming in for a check-up.

When you’re looking to grow your business wouldn’t you rather hire an expert than do it yourself?

Online lead generation is no different. You can do it yourself – in fact, you probably already are. But why not get a pro team in to do the work, so you can focus on growing your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

The number of leads depends on the number of people looking for your service and the level of competition.

Each lead is reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and bad leads won’t be deducted from your lead balance. 

So you only get valid leads. We want to build long-term partnerships which is only possible if everyone is happy.

Yes, let us know the details, and we’ll get on it!

It’s easy. We’ll chat and agree on a lead package and, once payment is received, we’ll start sending through leads until we’ve delivered the number of leads agreed. There’s no risk to you and if leads are invalid, just let us know and we’ll send through additional leads to make up the shortfall.

We’ll replace any invalid leads with extra leads because we want to build a long-term partnership. So you’re getting 5 great quality leads at a good price to grow your business.

We’re digital experts and have been doing this for years. The main method is by ranking a website that’s related to your service.  We can also use other methods if required.

Every lead includes a prospect name, email, phone number (if applicable), website (if applicable) and additional notes regarding their service requests, location and a specific message they fill in.

This means you can see exactly what they want. E.g. if it’s a driving school the message will often say ‘I’m looking for 40 driving lessons to get my license” Or if it’s a waste removal lead it will say ‘looking for waste removal for my kitchen remodelling’, etc.

Prospects also fill in the location so we can really give qualified leads. E.g. ‘driving lessons in London’. It’s the same type of information they would fill in when they enquire on your own website!

You can add the most value by focusing on delivering your service. Purchasing our leads frees you up to do just that. 

We’ve been doing digital marketing for over fifteen years. We understand the different platforms, every toggle, every button, every single tiny little option. And we leverage that knowledge to get real gains for our clients so that can focus on closing those leads and growing their business.

This depends on your business. Some of our customers convert at over 50%. Remember these aren’t cold leads. They are leads that have ACTIVELY sought out a service and are looking for someone to fulfill it. They are NOT cold leads. The sooner you call them the better the chance you have of closing them.

Absolutely not. We don’t charge any other fees other than the agreed price-per-lead.

No, not at all. You are free to cancel any time. If you cancel, we will continue to send you leads until your remaining lead credits are used up.

We do get bad leads from time to time.  Leads can be returned within 30 days of receipt by sending an email to us explaining why the lead is a bad lead. We do not offer refunds but will replace any bad leads with good leads.  Bad leads are defined as leads that have incorrect information, such as an incorrect phone number and email address or someone who fills out a form but isn’t looking for the service at all!

Here are the reasons that leads can be returned:

  • Inaccurate contact details so you can’t get hold of them.
  • Lead claims they don’t know what you’re talking about.
  • Lead is a competitor, not a potential client.

There are many reasons why a lead may not be a good lead for you, but is not necessarily a bad lead that can be returned.  

Here are a few reasons that leads cannot be returned:

  • Lead doesn’t have enough money to become your client.
  • Lead changes their mind about being interested.
  • Lead decides they want to do business with someone locally instead.
  • Lead is not responding to your phone calls or emails.
  • Lead doesn’t want to do business with your company.
  • Lead has requirements that you cannot or do not want to fulfill

We basically aren’t able to accept returns for anything that is outside of our control.  For example, if a lead is unresponsive when you email or call them, we don’t actually have control over that.  Your response rate from the leads depends on a variety of factors that include frequency of calls, frequency of emails, content of communication (bait on the hook), skill of the sales person, how much the prospect likes your offering etc.  

We know that the prospect will respond if they’re interested, because they inquired for the particular service but they may not like something that they see or hear in your first email or voicemail and won’t respond at all.  Although these situations are frustrating, things like that are not within our control.  We have some clients that are able to get 95% of all the leads on the phone, and others who don’t call as frequently and may not have as strong of a pitch who struggle to get 30% of the prospects on the phone.  Both the contact rate and the conversion rate are much more dependent on the methods being used, the contact frequency, and people contacting the leads than on the leads themselves.

Focus on what you're good at,

and let us focus on generating leads for you.

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đź”’ We Hate Spam as Much as You. 100% Secure.

It’s fast. In 72 hours you’ll receive leads that convert into sales.

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