[Case Study]: How a Plumbing Company Got a 3900% ROI


I know you’re busy and probably don’t want to read a lengthy & detailed case study, so I thought I’d summarise the key points so you can see the power of this marketing technique.

Let’s get started.

The Small Plumbing Company Case Study

Morgan Miller Plumbing is a full-service plumbing company in Kansas City that specialises in installing the latest energy-efficient technologies. It’s known as “the company that our customers can depend on any day of the year.”

The Missouri-based plumbing company wanted to increase sales by attracting new customers living within a 50-mile radius and by staying top of mind with their current customers.

What They Wanted to Achieve:

  • Attract new customers
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased sales

Is that something you’d like?

More brand awareness & sales from your prospects?

What Were the Results:

  • 3900% ROI on Adspend
  • $8000 Increased Sales Per Month

Want to read more about it? Read the full case study here.

How Did They Do It?

They published posts on their Facebook Page several times a week, with a mix of local news related to the business and its employees, photos of its custom installations, and humorous quotes and images.

They also scheduled posts to be published in advance to ensure the page was updated regularly, even when things got busy.

Not only that, they offered giveaways on the from time to time, which helped attract new customers, and ensured that the company stayed top-of-mind with its clientele.

This type of targeting and ad strategy could be helpful to small businesses or hyperlocal businesses that want to gain foot traffic or awareness from the prospective customers closest to them.

Experimenting with a few Facebook ad types, including Page Like ads and boosted posts, they discovered what led to great results. They used promoted Page Like ads to find more fans that were interested in getting regular updates from the business. They typically targetted people within 50 miles of the business’ location, since they were more likely to become customers.

Key Takeaways

When used correctly Facebook is one of the MOST powerful marketing strategies available today.

No matter what product or service you offer, your perfect customers are on Facebook.

It’s a case of finding the right offer and showing it to the correct people.

This is a classic case study of a cookie-cutter campaign done right. With a bit of optimisation and a few extra techniques, they could have gotten much better results.

The trick is testing and optimisation with Facebook and finding the perfect offer.

Would You Like an Inbox Full of Leads?

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