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Book a 2 Week Trial Advertising Campaign

100% Risk-Free. Results Guaranteed.

đź”’ We Hate Spam as Much as You. 100% Secure.

It’s fast. In 72 hours you’ll receive leads that convert into sales.

Please note that we only work with 1 partner per city, leads provided are exclusively yours.

Get a 2 Week Trial Lead Generation Campaign

At SalesMarketeers we believe in earning your business. We offer all new clients a 100% discounted marketing campaign for two weeks.

During these 14 days we will deploy a custom lead generation campaign & advertise your business locally, online.

Next we will deliver leads right to your inbox and prove to you that we are the best marketing firm in the industry.

If you’re impressed with our lead quality during the trial period, we can discuss on-going service. If not, then we’ll part ways.

We’re that confident & it’s that simple.

It’s fast. It takes just 72 hours for us to start generating leads that convert into sales for new clients.

How Do We Generate Leads For Your Business?

Our marketing firm, SalesMarketeers, specialises in Facebook advertising for your industry. 

In the same way that we brought you to this page, we can also drive targeted web traffic to a landing page that we custom design for you.

Facebook adverts are not to be confused with social media marketing. We pay for these adverts to get maximum exposure on Facebook & Instagram.

These adverts then display only to residents living in set radius of your business & that meet specific targeting criteria we decide on. We only show ads to your perfect customers.

As leads sign up for your offer, we forward these leads instantly over to you.
Here’s a sample of the radius targeting options we use inside Facebook Ads manager:

We have many other targeting options at our disposal to ensure we reach your perfect audience.

Your Competition Is Generating Leads Right Now on Autopilot Using Facebook Ads!

Learn how we can do the same for you.
Below are some sample advertisements we’ve recently run.


Contact us and we’ll show you the designs we can create for your business. You’ll also get a FREE competition advertising analysis!

Frequently Asked Questions

We build your business a custom landing page, email follow-up template, and manage the ads that drive traffic to your web page.

Facebook has an incredibly powerful advertising platform which we can use to target your exact audience by age, gender, location, interests, online behaviors, and hundreds of other factors.

We are specialists at finding your customers online and bringing them to you! We can even target past customers and reach your current website visitors who didn’t take action to increase your conversions even further!

Absolutely. Please use the “learn more” button to inquire and our team will be happy to mock up some design samples specifically for your business so you know can see the quality of our work before even beginning your 2 week trial campaign.

We only work with 1 local (niche) per 10 mile radius so that there will be no conflict of interest between our client campaigns. Once you secure your location it’s yours and yours alone!


How we generate leads for your business

Our lead generation services are different from anything else you’ve tried before.  With a risk-free trial and no long-term contract it’s 100% risk-free.

With our system you’ll get high-quality qualified leads that are exclusively yours. They’re provided in real-time so you get fresh customers who are actively looking for the services you offer.

Step 1.

Strategy Session

A no-obligation lead gen strategy session to see if we can add value & make it work for you.

Step 2.

14 Day Ad Campaign

We'll handle your digital marketing for 2 weeks & will place custom ads on Facebook & Instagram.

Step 3.

Close The Leads

Your phone rings and your email inbox is packed with qualified leads that only you have access to & own 100%.

Step 4.

You Scale

Tell us how much you want to grow and we'll scale the leads to to overshoot your sales goals.
Lead Marketing

Leads that scale with you

Get Exclusive, real-time leads, delivered.

We will build a personalised Facebook Lead Generation Engine around your brand.

The focus is on delivering qualified leads for the maximum ROI.

Custom Lead Generation

4 Reasons to Use us

If you’re sick and tired of paying for marketing that doesn’t work, or can’t face the thought of chasing down new business, there’s a better way to get leads that convert.

Sales Marketeers is a custom Lead Generation Engine that delivers leads that are:

Qualified. Exclusive. Real-Time. Branded.

#1 High-Quality,
Qualified Leads

Get high-quality leads from customers currently looking for your services that are proven to convert at a higher rate.

#2 You Get
Exclusive Leads

We only work with one partner per city so our leads are provided on a 100% exclusive basis.

#3 Access to
Real-Time Leads

Calls and emails go directly to you. Leads are delivered in real-time to provide the greatest advantage for converting leads into sales.

#4 Your Own
Branded Leads

Each lead generation engine is customised to your name and brand so prospects know exactly who you are when they talk to you.

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It’s fast. It takes just 72 hours for us to start generating leads that convert into sales for new clients.

Focus on what you're good at,

and let us generate high-quality leads for your business.

Book a 2 Week Trial Advertising Campaign,
100% Risk-Free. Results Guaranteed.

đź”’ We Hate Spam as Much as You. 100% Secure.

It’s fast. In 72 hours you’ll receive leads that convert into sales.

Lead Marketing
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