[Case Study]: How a Dentist Gets 30 New Patients Per Month


I know you’re busy and probably don’t want to read a lengthy & detailed case study, so I thought I’d summarise the key points so you can see the power of this marketing technique.

Let’s get started.

The Local Dentist Case Study

Rice Creek Family Dentistry focuses on providing superior customer service and easing the anxiety commonly associated with dental appointments with two open and inviting offices, both stocked with easy-to-understand educational materials.

This South Carolina dental clinic wanted to increase customers and promote more preventative visits.

They wanted to grow its client base to support a second location, and increase appointment regularity among existing patients.

What They Wanted to Achieve:

  • Increased foot traffic in their new dental practice
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased sales

Is that something you’d like?

More brand awareness & sales from your prospects?

What Were the Results:

  • 30+ new patients each month
  • 2900% ROAS (return on adspend)

If you want, you can read the full case study here.

How Did They Do It?

To help increase bookings, they regularly ran ads linking patients to an easy-to-use appointment app. They also used promoted posts to educate clients about new products and services.

To reach a particular audience of existing customers segmented by age and location, the practice used custom audiences which allowed it to target people in its own email database.

Rice Creek Family Dentistry has also been successful in posting sales and offers on its Page to promote special discounts. This helps attract new patients and increase the frequency of all client visits.

This type of targeting and ad strategy could be helpful to small businesses or hyperlocal businesses that want to gain foot traffic or awareness from the prospective customers closest to them.

Key Takeaways

When used correctly a social media platform is one of the MOST powerful marketing strategies available today.

No matter how what your product is, your perfect customers are on social media.

It’s a case of finding the right offer and showing it to the correct people.

This is a classic case study of a cookie-cutter campaign done right. With a bit of optimisation and a few extra techniques, they could have gotten much better results.

The trick is testing and optimisation with the ad platform and finding the perfect offer.

Would You Like an Inbox Full of Leads?

No matter what you offer, your perfect prospects are on social media and ready to become your customers.

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