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We’re marketing experts, and we want to help your business level up.

We’re a small team of digital experts who specialise in generating high-quality, qualified leads for our clients.

With over 11 years of experience in generating leads for businesses across many niches, we’re the team you want to help you grow your business.

“Our aim is to help business owners make the shift from a scattershot prospecting approach to a rock-solid strategy that focuses on closing valid, qualified leads.”
- Alex Read
Founder of Sales Marketeers

Meet Alex Read, founder of Sales Marketeers

Over ten years ago I was working as a sales consultant for a finance company. We were expected to prospect, cold call, set up meetings and close clients on a comm-only basis. It was brutal, and if you didn’t meet your targets you were out.

After a particularly stressful, unsuccessful week, I was thinking about my options. What I needed to do was generate a steady stream of enquiries that I could then get in contact with. The obvious benefits were that they’d be waiting for my call, and they’d be much more interested in what I had to offer.

For the next two months I worked solidly on setting up my online lead sources and the leads began to trickle in almost immediately. This massively transformed my performance in the office. Instead of chasing down leads, I was closing business. In a month I went from second-to-bottom to second-from-the-top, beating out most of the other guys in the office who had been there for years.
I know first-hand just how powerful online marketing can be. It had the power to transform my sales process in a tough niche almost overnight, and I know it can do the same for you.

#1 High-Quality,
Qualified Leads

Get high-quality leads from customers currently looking for your services that are proven to convert at a higher rate.

#2 You Get
Exclusive Leads

We only work with one partner per city so our leads are provided on a 100% exclusive basis.

#3 Access to
Real-Time Leads

Calls and emails go directly to you. Leads are delivered in real-time to provide the greatest advantage for converting leads into sales.

#4 Your Own
Branded Leads

Each lead generation engine is customised to your name and brand so prospects know exactly who you are when they talk to you.

Custom Lead Generation

4 Reasons to Use us

If you’re sick and tired of paying for shared leads, or can’t face the thought of chasing down new business, there’s a better way to get leads that convert.

Sales Marketeers is a custom Lead Generation Engine that delivers leads that are:

Qualified. Exclusive. Real-Time. Branded.

Focus on what you're good at,

and let us generate high-quality leads for your business.

Book a Free 30 Minute Strategy Session & Get Actionable Tips to Scale Your Business.

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It’s fast. In 72 hours you’ll receive leads that convert into sales.

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